BusyWorksBeats Hermes + Bonuses

BusyWorksBeats Hermes + Bonuses | RETAiL | WiN | 3.34 GB

Sound with a Vibe
Modern Sounds for Hip Hop and R&B. Every sound has a vibe because they were custom made and curated for You!

Not 10,000 Sounds You'll Never Use
HermeSynth was built to give you over 150+ sounds that will work for modern music, not just a bunch of random sounds to say we have lots of sounds. Heavily curated.

Easy to Use
Extremely simplified interface to cut down on the things you never cared about :)

Custom Sound
I handcrafted and curated the sound for HermeSynth giving every sound a vibe! And the sounds are built for modern music and hip hop

Works in Major DAWs
VST2/VST3/AU Format works in FL Studio (PC/Mac), Ableton Live (PC/Mac), Studio One (PC/Mac), Logic Pro

Includes Bonus Piano & Vocal Sample Pack, Guitar Sample Pack, Trap Drum Kit & FL Studio Effects

home page: https://www.hermesplugin.com/hermes-plugin-vst